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CDIF Direct Drive Cabinet Fans

Cabinet Inline fans may be used for Ventilation and Exhaust applications for air volumes ranging from 1000CFM to 6800CFM, powered by a backward-curved, direct driven fan. The standard series (CDIF-series) has a Single skin Cabinet and the Insulated Series (CDIF-IS) is supplied with high-grade acoustic egg-crate insulation, internally lined, for low noise applications.

  • High-Quality GI Cabinet with inlet and outlet spigots & mounting brackets.
  • Access Panels for easy maintenance and inspections.
  • Multi-Speed Motors with Speed Regulator.
  • High-Efficiency DIDW impeller with GI Scroll.
  • Single Phase, Squirrel Cage induction motors with long life bearings.
  • Inlet is equipped with a standard provision for slide-in filters.
  • Options
    –  EC Motors
    –  Powder Coated GI Cabinet
    –  Insulation with Eggcrate Acoustic Lining.
    –  Eu4 Inlet Filters


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