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Circular Inline Fan – EC

Our range of EC inline fans includes 200mm and 315mm diameter fans, which offer a full speed modulation, low energy consumption, quieter operation. They offer BMS compatibility and Trouble free operations. Depending upon your usage of the fan, the payback period to upgrade to this Earth Friendly Technology is 18 to 24 months.

Casing: Airtight, seamed casing made from galvanised steel having round duct connections in 200mm or 315mm diameter.

Motor: CE certified 2 pole external rotor single-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor, suitable for continuous operation, with thermal contacts. Motor has IP-44 enclosure with class B insulation.

Impeller: Backward curved impeller made of galvanised steel.

Power Supply: The fan motor is suitable for single phase 220V±6%/50Hz electric supply.

Speed Controller: A stepless speed controller is supplied as a standard item to regulate the speed of the fan.


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