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Circular Inline Fans

Caryaire centrifugal Inline fans are suitable for ventilating in commercial and industrial applications such as toilets, bathrooms, cafeterias, laundry rooms in hotels and offices. It is meant for ducted systems requiring high air capacities.

Casing: Airtight, seamed casing made from galvanised steel having round duct connections ranging from 100 mm to 315 mm diameter.

Motor: CE certified 2 pole external rotor single phase asynchronous motor with thermal contacts. Motors have IP-44 enclosure with class F insulation.

Impeller: Backward curved impeller made from high grade plastic in models up to 160 mm dia and galvanised steel in 200 mm dia & above models.

Power Supply: The fan motor shall be suitable for single phase 220V±6%/50Hz electric supply.

Speed Controller: The Fan speed shall be controlled by a Voltage regulator. (supplied as an optional accessory)


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