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Twister Ceiling Fan

DESIGNER’S DELIGHT                                    OCCUPANT’S DELIGHT
Suitable Even For Low Ceiling Heights         Effective Air Circulation
No Light Shadows / Cutting                           Low Air Drafts
Maintains Ceiling Aesthetics                          Speed Controls With Remote


  • Elegant Design Suitable for Modern Interiors.
  • Superior Air Flow Performance.
  • Low Noise Operation.
  • 3 Speed Remote Control.
  • Swirling Front Fascia for Effective Air Circulation.
  • Suitable for Grid Ceiling or Flat Ceiling.
  • High Quality All-Copper Winding Motor with Japanese Ball Bearing.


Model: Twister-18

Voltage: 220-240

Power (W): 90

Air Flow (cmh): 3300

Noise (db): 52

Outer Size (mm): 600×600

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