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Ventilation Fan with Gravity Louver


Caryaire Ventilation Fan with Gravity Louver comes with a Multi-Blade Propeller Fan with External Rotor Motor of Class F Insulation for 50Hz applications. The Motor comes in multiple types of RPM for various needs. Available in single or three Phase power supply. Refer to Technical Data Sheet for Selection. Fan assembly shall consist of fan with mounting plate, Gravity Louver and Mounting Flange. The attractive Fan is Black colour, made from Steel sheet, Encased in a Steel Sleeve with an integral Gravity Louver with aluminium blades with a blade tip seal for quiet and smooth closure. The entire assembly is powder coated for durability and aesthetics. The assembly can be accessed from indoors for periodic maintenance.

Fan:  Propeller fan is direct-driven, five/seven blade type, mounted on a square steel plate with an orifice ring.

Fan Blades: Formed Steel Construction, protected by a steel security grill at the air inlet.

Motor: External Rotor Motor with F Class Insulation

Casing: Powder Coated Steel sleeve of minimum 200mm length and 20Ga thickness with 30mm Mounting Flanges

Gravity Louver: Factory fitted integral gravity louver made from powder coated aluminium blades of 0.5mm thickness and steel frame

Motor Protection:

IP44 or IP54 (200-450mm dia) & IP54 (500-630mm dia) For Models ending with “HE”

IP44 (200-300mm dia) & IP54 (350-630mm dia) For other models


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