Rectangular Insulated Inline Fans : RIF-M Series

Caryaire is pleased to launch it’s new RIF-M series, Silent range of fans (upto 1200 cfm). The noise level of these fans are much lesser as compared to normal circular fans. Further these fans come with a standard stepless speed controller that offers air volume modulation & far lower noise levels. These fans come with […]

High Performance Weather Louvers

Caryaire announces the launch of its High-Performance Weather Resistance Louvers. Suitable of Intake and Exhaust, Model IL-352 is a Dual Layered Extruded Aluminum Drainable louver designed to have superior resistance to water penetration. The Louver consists of front drainable blades, characterized by gutters incorporated at the front edge to prevent water droplets cascading from blade […]

New Product Launches Variable Air Volume (VAV)

Caryaire announces the launch of its pressure-independent variable air volume (VAV) boxes. These VAV boxes can be used with duct systems with static pressures up to 3” wgand the air volume range is from 50 CFM to 7000 CFM. The radiated and discharge noise of the boxes are low, as these boxes are supplied with […]

Nicotra Gebhardt EC Fans : Widest Range, Better Efficiency & Deliveries


The global semi-conductor crises have majorly impacted EC Fan deliveries, however, Nicotra Gebhardt continues to support the market with much better delivery schedules (within 2-4 months, with ready stock of some popular models), on account of a wide range of EC technologies adopted by it. We offer DC Brushless Electronically Communicated Motors in both external […]

Heat Sink Extrusions

MM Metacraft offers a wide variety of ultra-high-performance straight, slant, and serratedfins with high heat transfer for applications

Fire and Smoke Dampers

All supply and return air ducts at AHU room crossings, fire wall crossings and at all floor crossings shall be provided.

Lighting Extrusions

Extruded LED housings or channels are the base for all MM Metacraft Lighting Solutions for application such as linear architectural

Solar Extrusions

Aluminium is transforming the renewable energy industry. Aluminium extrusions are widely used to create a framework for solar panels

MM Metacraft

MM Metacraft has been a pioneer in manufacturing of Aluminum Extrusions / Profiles / Sections, with a wide combination of alloys