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Hybrid Life Safety Fans – Nicotra Gebhardt

Nicotra Gebhardt launches an unique Hybrid Life Safety Fans for Basement Ventilation & Smokespill applications. This innovative series uses a Centrifugal Plug impeller mounted inside a Tube Axial Casing. Not only does it offer better efficiency and lower noise compared to Conventional Tube Axial fans, it offers a compact installation as compared to Centrifugal Cabinet […]

New EC Plug fan Copra from Nicotra Gebhardt

Nicotra Gebhardt launched its COPRA Fan series at ACREX 2023. This new high performing fan system offers an unique combination of ultra-compactness with high efficiencies, power densities and low noise. It uses an innovative aluminium impeller design with an IE6 ultra-compact unique internal rotor motor, which doesn’t obstruct the airflow and matches perfectly inside the […]

Rectangular Insulated Inline Fans : RIF-M Series

Caryaire is pleased to launch it’s new RIF-M series, Silent range of fans (upto 1200 cfm). The noise level of these fans are much lesser as compared to normal circular fans. Further these fans come with a standard stepless speed controller that offers air volume modulation & far lower noise levels. These fans come with […]

High Performance Weather Louvers

Caryaire announces the launch of its High-Performance Weather Resistance Louvers. Suitable of Intake and Exhaust, Model IL-352 is a Dual Layered Extruded Aluminum Drainable louver designed to have superior resistance to water penetration. The Louver consists of front drainable blades, characterized by gutters incorporated at the front edge to prevent water droplets cascading from blade […]


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