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New Product Launches Variable Air Volume (VAV)

Caryaire announces the launch of its pressure-independent variable air volume (VAV) boxes. These VAV boxes can be used with duct systems with static pressures up to 3” wgand the air volume range is from 50 CFM to 7000 CFM. The radiated and discharge noise of the boxes are low, as these boxes are supplied with acoustically superior armasound insulation. Caryaire VAV boxes are supplied with a digital thermostat and actuator with the integrated pressure sensor. The actuator has an NFC interface for smartphone powerless commissioning. The actuator has BACnet MS/TP integration for easy communication with the building management systems. We can also supply these boxes with a converter for communication for BACnet over IP. These Actuators can also accept analogue Input from CO2 sensor. The digital thermostat can accept signal from occupancy. Sensor for shutting off the VAV box when needed, thus helping in saving precious power. We shall be manufacturing these VAV boxes in both our Noida and Bhiwandi (Mumbai) factory.



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