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Nicotra Gebhardt



M/s Nicotra India Pvt Ltd is a 50-50 Joint Venture between M/s Nicotra Gebhardt S.p.a and M/s Caryaire Equipments India. The company offers a wide range of light and medium duty centrifugal and axial flow fans for commercial and industrial applications.

The brand Nicotra Gebhardt is an amalgamation of 2 strong European brands, Nicotra from Italy and Gebhardt from Germany, operating over 60 years in the fan business. In 2005, M/s Nicotra bought over M/s Gebhardt , reinforcing its global leadership position. M/s Nicotra Gebhardt is truly an International group in the business of light and medium pressure fans, operating through its 9 production plants and sales organization throughout the world.

Nicotra was one of the first foreign brands to be introduced in the Fan business of Indian HVAC in the year 1996 by M/s Caryaire, as a Distributor. Since then it has changed the Indian Fan business market driving it towards energy efficiency, low noise and reliable performance. In the year 2004, M/s Nicotra Spa & M/s Caryaire joined hands to set up a manufacturing unit at Greater Noida inorder to provide better service, faster deliveries and competitive prices to its customers. Nicotra India was one of the first Indian company to get its products certified for performance by Air Movement & Controls Association International, Inc (AMCA). It also carries an international patent for its backward curved DIDW Centrifugal RDH fan Series.